Asian Long Horned Beetle

Very distinctive and very destructive; this pest is difficult to control and extreme measures have been taken where it has been discovered.

The most visible evidence of ALB infestation for any given Maple, Horsechestnut, Birch, Plane tree,  Poplar, Willow, or Elm is the exit holes.  The adult beetle will bore a near perfect  3/8” hole to exit the tree.

If you have these exit holes OR you believe you have seen the beetle or actually have one captured PLEASE call Bug Busters Inc / Bark Busters Tree Service at 781 320-9800. A confirmation can be made at MDAR and the USDA Forestry Service.


  • Host tree decline
  • 3/8” (almost dime sized) exit holes
  • Frass at root flare and exit holes
  • Oval shaped egg deposits on bark
  • Large shiny-black beetle with irregular white spots