Dogwood Anthracnose

Flowering Dogwoods were at one time the focal point of beautiful landscapes around Weston, Wellesley, Newton and Brookline. Anthracnose is a fungus that causes disease in dogwoods. Leaf curling and spotting are among some of the symptoms. First, the leaves curl under and become covered with what looks like a gray moss. Then they dry out and develop dark spots with purple rims. This results in die-back from the bottom of the tree on up. If not treated, Anthracnose will eventually kill you tree. It can also seriously affect the aesthetic quality as it progresses.

Bug Busters will recommend a plan of action to save as much of your tree as possible.


  • curling and discolored leaves
  • die-back of lower branches
  • water shoots or sucker growth on the interior of the crown