There are many reasons to plant new trees or shrubs in your yard. This type of addition to your landscape can transform the aesthetic appeal of the property, be used for shade in the summer months or even supply your family with fruit. However, before you start digging a location for your new foliage friends keep in mind that there is a strategy to planting properly.

Timing is Everything

The best season to plant trees and shrubs is during the dormant period. This lasts between the middle to end of Fall and early Spring, before buds bloom. This period helps new roots to establish themselves before Spring rains and the Summer’s heat.

Long Term Planning

What is your tree going to look like not only in the next five years but in fifty years? Consider the Adult height of the tree before planting a young sapling that could soon overtake the property.

Location, Location, Location

Treat your tree planting strategy like a real estate purchase. Find plants that coexist with other native plants already in your yard. If it’s in a bad neighborhood it won’t get the proper nutrients. Will it need more sun? Will the location allow for the trees roots to spread in a healthy way? Is there a danger to utility lines or property?

Get in touch with Mike for any specific planting questions pertaining to your situation. Bark Busters would love to help!

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